Blogger Recognition Award

“To realize the importance of every second ,it should be pen down.” This is one of the lines that hit me from Life Memoirs Blog . I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received a nomination from her (for the very first time) for the blogger recognition award. 😀 This means so much to me and I feel appreciated and blessed to encounter some people who appreciate my hard work and passion that I put into this blog 🙂

My Blogging Journey

I started this lifestyle blog 2 years ago with a reason of *drumroll*  boredom. Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

The Wolf and The Moon

Those eyes with glowing fire,
It’s beauty as much as I try to deny.
Stolen glances, dismissive smile,
grasping for my breath  just for a little while.
Just like the moon, like a star,
I can only see him from afar.
And I am nothing but a wolf,
who’s secretly fond of the moon.


Johnston Canyon Hike

Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular day hikes in Banff National Park. It’s accessible and perfect among people of different ages and groups.

During our visit, there were scattered trees laid down in the heart of the forest. We don’t have any idea if it is for restoration or for keeping the hikers safe from weak trees that might collapse anytime.

You’ll start to notice scattered tiny waterfalls and river surrounded by the forest itself as you walk deeper through the upper part of Johnston Falls. Continue reading “Johnston Canyon Hike”

How Silence Calms our Soul

Spending time alone allows us to develop more meaningful relationships not just with others but within ourselves as well. “To be fully human we need relationships with other people, with the nonhuman world, and with our own inner depths. In solitude we have the opportunity to explore all these domains of relationship” (Kull, 2008, p. 319).
Our brain is wired to connect. People are often drawn to things in related with socialization as if it is a physiological need. Everyday we are preoccupied to socialize to the extent that meaningful relationships and real connection are slowly fading away in the background.

(headlights. photo taken at metro manila using d5100 nikon)

We always keep in touch with others yet we forget to keep in touch with ourselves. In order to have a meaningful relationship with others, we first must have a deeper connection within ourselves. Solitude offers time for us to be emotionally aware of ourselves and our feelings for us to be able to cultivate deeper relationships.


– Aristotle

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5 Tips for A Working Student from a Working Student

1.Know your priorities. You must be enrolled and working at the same time for a reason and most of the reason for most of us is you might want to save money while earning your chosen degree. Hooray for learning to balance and school! You deserve a pat on the back because not everybody can do that. Now that you finally learn how to juggle your work and school life, you have to learn how to set your priorities straight. This is the key for everything. You cannot successfully manage your time if you don’t know what to prioritize. You don’t have to multitask and as much as possible you have to avoid it. Why? First is consumes your time. Continue reading “5 Tips for A Working Student from a Working Student”

Summum Bonum

What defines your happiness? Maybe a nice weather while cuddling in bed with your espresso and your favorite book or maybe it is when you get to spend time with the people you love the most. Some of us might define it just like any other dictionary says, a state of well being. Some might say happiness is just as same as dolce far niente or the sweetness of doing nothing. Oh, maybe an email from an overseas friend or tons of likes that you get from social media. Satisfying physiological needs? Passing grade? Having peace of mind perhaps? It would take infinity to identify things that makes us human beings happy but it only takes a second to know if you are happy or not. Just one question, are you REALLY happy? Continue reading “Summum Bonum”

Everything You Want is On the Other Side Of Fear

Fears come in different faces for every individual. Whatever that might be, impending failure or success comes with this fear. It depends on the person who is handling the situation on how he or she faces it. Continue reading “Everything You Want is On the Other Side Of Fear”