DIY Lush Sugar Lip Scrub

Winter has been bad this year. It makes my lips chapped and dry. I have this mannerism of peeling off my dry lips using my teeth or fingers. I’m tired of doing this everyday so I decided to make this Lush Sugar Lip Scrub.

Things You’ll Need:


Olive Oil

Vanilla Extract

Food Coloring

Empty Container

The ratio for all the ingredients (except for the food coloring) is 1:1:1. This tutorial is for vanilla flavored lip scrub. You can also try this with different flavors. Just replace the vanilla extract with your desired flavor.  You can also have variety of colors. In this tutorial, I used pink. Continue reading “DIY Lush Sugar Lip Scrub”

Can’t Move On? (What To Do while Stuck in Traffic)

Like change, traffic is inevitable. Everyday we go to our work and we experience different kinds of pollution. Noise pollution, environmental, and worst is traffic pollution. The severity of situation depends on what state you are living. The busier your state is, the higher probability of traffic you experience. We could not do anything about it but just abide the rules, the law. Continue reading “Can’t Move On? (What To Do while Stuck in Traffic)”

Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)

IMG_3597-0My natural haircolor was just black. When I was in college, i cannot color my hair because it was not allowed in our school. Now that i graduated, i’ve tried everything from bleaching to different colors like brown, auburn to orange blonde. I was really happy before then because it feels like atlast i am freee! i can do whatever i want with my hair. What i didnt realized was every treatment that i did to my hair gradually damaged it. So i decided to cut it to get rid off my damaged hair. It was very long like near in my waist. Continue reading “Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)”