Blogger Recognition Award

“To realize the importance of every second ,it should be pen down.‚ÄĚ This is one of the lines that hit me from Life Memoirs Blog . I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received a nomination from her (for the very first time) for the blogger recognition award. ūüėÄ This means so much to me and I feel appreciated and blessed to encounter some people who appreciate my hard work and passion that I put into this blog ūüôā

My Blogging Journey

I started this lifestyle blog 2 years ago with a reason of *drumroll* ¬†boredom. Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

5 Awesome Thrift Store Finds!

Old but gold.

I’ve been always a fan of thrift shops in my younger years. Some people are not fond of buying pre-owned items, but it’s just like what they say “old but gold”. ¬†There are lots of goods you can find in your trip to a thrift shop. If you haven’t gone to any i suggest you to try it! Unlike what others (my mom) says that almost all of the things they sell are either dirty, not functioning well or owned from already dead people (which is creepy btw), this is NOT entirely true. I had some stuff from different thrift stores and they are all in good working condition. It depends on who is using it and what is the item in the first place. You’ll not gonna buy them if they’re wrecked anyway.

Here are five common good items that you can have! Continue reading “5 Awesome Thrift Store Finds!”

The Power of Music

Music heals our soul and our body. It is a form of art in which we can express our emotions. Music also serves as universal language. Not only that, but it also affects our brain in many ways. According to studies, listening to music can reduce anxiety, depression and pain. It also improves cognitive functions thus enhance learning and concentration, and keep off the effects of brain aging.

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart.

Ever wondered why listening to music gives us goosebumps and chills? Listening to powerful music is only one of many ways in releasing “happy hormones” or endorphins . This hormone gives you a “joyride” and feeling of being high. Its effect on our body is similar to the effects of morphine, thus reducing pain.¬†Music therapy is widely used in hospitals and medical facilities to reduce ¬†pain. Studies shown that listening to music helps in reducing both chronic and post operative pain. It is also used¬†to reduce the need for medication during childbirth.It gives the patient a sense of control thus, reducing the level of pain. Continue reading “The Power of Music”

Why Do People Seek Change

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”


¬† ¬†No matter how good or bad things are going, people constantly seek for change.¬†Sometimes, we need change but often people tend to change even though they don’t need it.

  1. Wanting something more.¬†We as human beings always want something better. Got the latest phone model? After a month or two, there’s gonna be a new model that you are going to dream about. You have to have that phone and of course you will buy it. The cycle goes on and on. It is like an addiction. It is natural in human behavior to crave to be the “best”. No matter how nice or how pure you are, there is at least one time that you thought your grass should be the greenest among all. ¬†And then you’ll come across someone having a lot greener grass than yours. We do always look at the better. And most of the times, wanting something more lets you end up with the worse.
  2. Fed up of literally everything. There will be one of those days where you will feel you’ve had beyond enough. Whether from work, personal life, financial or social, or any aspect of life. You will feel tired and all of your energy sucked up. You literally feel nothing and then the idea of the need to change comes in. You’ll do something beyond unthinkable that might save you from your own pit of misery.
  3. The need for sense of control over your life. Who does not want to be in control? To live your life with control is a deep human being need. When you are in control, you feel a lot much safer because you feel less harm can be inflicted to you. This sense of control satisfies people of their needs.

“A loss of the comfortable state of harmony that we seek has been defined as shift towards either chaos or rigidity”

                                                                                                                              Siegel (2008)

Whenever we feel everything is out of control, everything seems to be in chaos. On the other hand, if there is sense of control, we feel powerful.

4. People just get bored. Sometimes, People reinvent themselves to get out of boredom. People¬†seeks its way out of his mundane existence. Why? Because they are just bored. People wants everything in a snap of a hand. People are in for “instant” stuff. Most of the people are addicted on being spontaneous just to break the routine that they are having. Come to think of it, time is so slow when you are bored, right?

At the end of the day, it is up on the individual if that change might be beneficial or not. For sure, as cliche as it may seem, one thing that remains is change is inevitable.

Eat Good, Think Good, Feel Good

Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

It must be exhausting to accomplish day to day errands while at the same time you have tp keep up with your health. Every time we feel stressed, there is a tendency for us to eat foods especially those with high glucose content. This is our body’s way to compensate on the energy we had spent when we were exhausted. Continue reading “Eat Good, Think Good, Feel Good”

Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing

Hi! welcome to the unboxing of kikki-k’s medium peach perforated planner! Kikki-k is an Australian/Swedish brand and community that sells stationary supplies, generates craft ideas all about art and paper love! This last February, I got a gorgeous package from kikki-k and it’s absolutely stunning! Continue reading “Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing”

A Wet-on-Wet Watercolor painting and illustration

Find color in the darkest place, find beauty in the saddest face.

Continue reading “A Wet-on-Wet Watercolor painting and illustration”

Vitamin C Skin Care Body Shop Review

Vitamin C is known for having skin benefits like¬†helping to create younger, firmer skin while fading signs of sun damage and post-acne marks.¬†Vit. C is available in the market as a variety of creams, serum and transdermal patches. Of these, only the serum contains active Vit. C in an almost colorless form. One of them i came across with ¬†is the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Care line. They have lots of choices to choose from like lotion, cream, serum, spritz etc. Continue reading “Vitamin C Skin Care Body Shop Review”

Summum Bonum

What defines your happiness? Maybe a nice weather while cuddling in bed with your espresso and your favorite book or maybe it is when you get to spend time with the people you love the most. Some of us might define it just like any other dictionary says, a state of well being. Some might say happiness is just as same as dolce far niente¬†or the sweetness of doing nothing. Oh, maybe an email from an overseas friend or tons of likes that you get from social media. Satisfying physiological needs? Passing grade? Having peace of mind perhaps? It would take infinity to identify things that makes us human beings happy but it only takes a second to know if you are happy or not. Just one question, are you REALLY happy? Continue reading “Summum Bonum”

6 Tips for Surviving First Day of School

If you are a student, or still going to an institution for your degree program, like me, this blog is for you. I have already graduated and acquired my Bachelor In Science Degree Continue reading “6 Tips for Surviving First Day of School”

Things To Consider Before Buying A House

1. Budget – you may dream a-list houses as much as you want but to keep it realistic, set your budget. Go to the bank and talk to a financing advisor. Save money because you’re not only paying for the property itself but you are also paying for extra fees like inspections, insurance, property taxes, Continue reading “Things To Consider Before Buying A House”

An Unconventional Christmas Decor Idea


Christmas is in the air and it definitely has arrived. Wind is getting colder, joyful christmas carols everywhere, and don’t mention about the extravagant christmas decors people are making! Some people’s christmas comes early. They start shopping gifts early to avoid the hassle of crowded shopping centres. Some are very excited celebrating christmas they even start celebrating it as early as September. Some people would just love to spend a LOT of money just to buy christmas decors. and stuffs. What is christmas without a Christmas tree eh? Continue reading “An Unconventional Christmas Decor Idea”

The Pros and Cons of Living in an Appartment

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Different people has different lifestyle preferences. Some would rather live in a house while others prefer renting appartments. We will tackle what are the advantages and disadvantages of appartment living.


Safety – Unless you are born rich and can afford to have a security guard at your own house, well this applies to middle class families and single tenants. Security guards at the lobby, cctv camera at the hallways says it all.

Amneties – such as swimming pools, playground for kids, laundry services and gym.¬†These are some of the benefits in appartment living. Not to mention the nearby restaurants and pubs. Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Living in an Appartment”