DIY Lush Sugar Lip Scrub

Winter has been bad this year. It makes my lips chapped and dry. I have this mannerism of peeling off my dry lips using my teeth or fingers. I’m tired of doing this everyday so I decided to make this Lush Sugar Lip Scrub.

Things You’ll Need:


Olive Oil

Vanilla Extract

Food Coloring

Empty Container

The ratio for all the ingredients (except for the food coloring) is 1:1:1. This tutorial is for vanilla flavored lip scrub. You can also try this with different flavors. Just replace the vanilla extract with your desired flavor.  You can also have variety of colors. In this tutorial, I used pink. Continue reading “DIY Lush Sugar Lip Scrub”

The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’

It’s that time of that year again when everyone’s excited about going to parties, kids are drooling for sweets and spooky of the spookiest stuffs at everybody’s neighborhood are being displayed! It’s Halloween!

It’s hallow’s eve and I just got home from trick or treating with some of my mama’s friends and their kids. Today was so crazy yet magical. Crazy because I did my last minute shopping for my costumes and stuffs for the night. The market was SO full. Everywhere we go, there are lots of people also doing their panic buying and take note the store gets even more crowded because some of the people buying are wearing their huge weird costumes that blocks people’s way. If you are willing to swim in the crowd just for an extra discount since as the halloween’s getting near, the proces will go low, you can buy your stuffs the day before halloween starts. But if you have money to pay extra then shop whenever you want.

Continue reading “The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’”

For the Love of Pizza

IMG_4958-0Who does not love pizza? Maybe when we are able to live to Mars, this is the one of the first thing i’d bring with me! But believe it or not some pizzas are not that made fabulous as we think. Like the pre-made frozen pizzas. I have nothing against those artificially made pizzas because let’s admit it they indeed make our lives much easier. I don’t know about you but some of those pre-made pizza pies does not really jive with my taste buds. Yes they are cheap and easy to eat but if it does not satisfy you, why would you pay for it? Continue reading “For the Love of Pizza”

“Words are but Pictures of our Thoughts” : Don’t Just Reminisce. Recreate.

IMG_3656As much as i love buying planners, i rarely use them. The main reason i buy them is because of their design. Whenever i’m in a bookstore, i’m tempted to buy every notebook that pleases my eye.  I know this sounds weird but I also love the smell of pages of a new book or notebook! When i was organizing some stuffs in our house, i found three different planners dated 3 years ago. It was  2 Starbucks Planner and a Belle De Jour Planner . I stopped fixing things in a minute and took a look of my old planners. It made me smile as i browse them because it was a sudden flashback of everything! Like the plans of what will i study tomorrow or my grocery shopping list every week! I also jotted down my memorable moments with my different people i had crush on that time lol. There goes the candy wrappers i pasted on one page of my planner (it was given by my crush hahaha) There’s a reminder of every game that i should play and what time should i start (Cafe World and Farmville) There goes a receipt that only God knows what is it because it was totally washed up. I think it was a half – planner, half – coloring book! Literally. You can see different shades of color pencils in every dates! Being artsy is fine but i think I went overboard with that one lol. Well, there are some days on my old planner where it was written boringly with just a pen or pencil. But most of the dates it was written in color pencil. Continue reading ““Words are but Pictures of our Thoughts” : Don’t Just Reminisce. Recreate.”

Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)

IMG_3597-0My natural haircolor was just black. When I was in college, i cannot color my hair because it was not allowed in our school. Now that i graduated, i’ve tried everything from bleaching to different colors like brown, auburn to orange blonde. I was really happy before then because it feels like atlast i am freee! i can do whatever i want with my hair. What i didnt realized was every treatment that i did to my hair gradually damaged it. So i decided to cut it to get rid off my damaged hair. It was very long like near in my waist. Continue reading “Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)”