2017 Journal Set Up (Rose Gold) & Michaels Haul

Last year, I got a kikki.K planner slash journal for my birthday gift to myself. This year, I decided to buy a new planner and start from scratch. I was hesitant in jumping from one planner to another because I felt contented with my peach perforated kikki.K planner. I had tons of fun memories with it but I guess, once you started to explore stuff about doing journal, you can’t avoid buying new cool stuff.

Let me share to you my first ever trip to Michael’s. I was lucky because the year just started and they’ve had everything on sale. I swear, the moment I set my foot into this place, my eyes feast with different art and craft supplies. It felt like heaven for a moment! I was glad, excited and ecstatic into idea of diving and hoarding unto these different craft supplies. Continue reading “2017 Journal Set Up (Rose Gold) & Michaels Haul”

Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing

Hi! welcome to the unboxing of kikki-k’s medium peach perforated planner! Kikki-k is an Australian/Swedish brand and community that sells stationary supplies, generates craft ideas all about art and paper love! This last February, I got a gorgeous package from kikki-k and it’s absolutely stunning! Continue reading “Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing”

An Unconventional Christmas Decor Idea


Christmas is in the air and it definitely has arrived. Wind is getting colder, joyful christmas carols everywhere, and don’t mention about the extravagant christmas decors people are making! Some people’s christmas comes early. They start shopping gifts early to avoid the hassle of crowded shopping centres. Some are very excited celebrating christmas they even start celebrating it as early as September. Some people would just love to spend a LOT of money just to buy christmas decors. and stuffs. What is christmas without a Christmas tree eh? Continue reading “An Unconventional Christmas Decor Idea”

“Words are but Pictures of our Thoughts” : Don’t Just Reminisce. Recreate.

IMG_3656As much as i love buying planners, i rarely use them. The main reason i buy them is because of their design. Whenever i’m in a bookstore, i’m tempted to buy every notebook that pleases my eye.  I know this sounds weird but I also love the smell of pages of a new book or notebook! When i was organizing some stuffs in our house, i found three different planners dated 3 years ago. It was  2 Starbucks Planner and a Belle De Jour Planner . I stopped fixing things in a minute and took a look of my old planners. It made me smile as i browse them because it was a sudden flashback of everything! Like the plans of what will i study tomorrow or my grocery shopping list every week! I also jotted down my memorable moments with my different people i had crush on that time lol. There goes the candy wrappers i pasted on one page of my planner (it was given by my crush hahaha) There’s a reminder of every game that i should play and what time should i start (Cafe World and Farmville) There goes a receipt that only God knows what is it because it was totally washed up. I think it was a half – planner, half – coloring book! Literally. You can see different shades of color pencils in every dates! Being artsy is fine but i think I went overboard with that one lol. Well, there are some days on my old planner where it was written boringly with just a pen or pencil. But most of the dates it was written in color pencil. Continue reading ““Words are but Pictures of our Thoughts” : Don’t Just Reminisce. Recreate.”