Dinner Beyond the Sky | Sky 360 Restaurant Review

City lights and sumptuous fine dining, now that’s a perfect match! If you’re a sucker for a great view plus a phenomenal yet budget friendly food, Sky 360 is your go-to resto. Not to mention their revolving floor, thus, coined from the restaurant’s name. The wonderful view (most especially at night) and wonderful staff who were very accommodating and approachable makes this restaurant a great place for a great meal.

I decided to celebrate my birthday here since I have been hearing a lot of positive reviews about this restaurant, not to mention about the sky line view that is really breathtaking during nights.

calgary tower at night.

Reservation is hassle free. You just have to call their phone number (which can be seen in their website), leave your name, how many seats you need and what date and time you’ll be going.

Revolving floor that gives you a 360 view of the city 💛

The lounge is located at the top most part of Calgary Tower. We took the route in Stephen Avenue. Our journey on our way to the lounge is as good as our experience in the restaurant. YYC Downtown will always have a special place in my heart.

Scenic view from below!

We decided to start dinner at 6pm. If you are late, they give you a 15 minute grace period. We were 15 minutes late on the agreed time. If you’re just like us who are used in rushing and yet always running late, they would send you a text message just like I had. (see photo below)

As soon as we arrived, we were accompanied by the hostess to our table after confirming our reservation. They won’t look for I.D.’s not unless you are drinking of course. 

Main Entrance

Our waiter was very approachable and friendly! He would always check us out if everything was doing okay, some chit chatting and some laughs. We chose the window seat to be able to have a grasp for that beautiful skyline view ❤


For starters, we ordered spinach and goat cheese salad which is made with beets, carrots and sliced almonds. (I will include in this review their dinner menu from their website).


Nothing special with the appetizer. It was good and you’ll notice that it’s freshly made. Their goat cheese are addicting btw!

For our main entrée, we had roasted chicken barley risottowhich is made with Spolumbo’s chorizo sausage, roasted peppers & spinach. The chicken was well done and you can see it smoking as they serve it to you!

We also had 12 oz of Alberta beef striploin that comes with buttermilk potato purée, asparagus,  cipollini confit, & rosemary. This was my favorite! We actually ordered two of these. One was well done and one is medium rare. The waiter suggested that we should not try well done because the meat becomes a little bit stiff if they’ll cook it well but we insisted because I don’t wat blood in my meat.

The difference of the two was the well done meat tastes a little bit saltier but the medium rare meat was juicier. I also loved the buttermilk potato puree that came with it. It’s creamy just as what you expect from a puree’s consistency. Although I wish they used salted butter because it felt like I needed a little bit of salt (salt bae where were you?!) when I ate it with my meat.

Meat comes great with red wine. We chose Mount Riley Pinot Noir for our beverage. It was quite expensive for a glass of wine because the other fine diner that we had was you could get a full glass for their price, we only got half. Oh well, I guess it depends on the quality of wine. I am not a wine enthusiast so I cannot tell if it’s worth it or not. As long as it’s red, I’m good!

Our waiter recommended their very own salted caramel gelato. We ordered two of those plus s’more cheese cake. Dessert are quite affordable yet yummy! It comes with good serving portion size.

They were very thoughtful to give a birthday dessert for someone who’s spending their birthday! I loved every bit of it ❤

I think for meat eaters, (Since I only got a chance to review about some of their dish), the food is decent. I’ve had better, but was expecting it to be a little bit expensive due to location and the prestige of it. Over all, I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

This was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night! How did you spent yours?

Much Love, J


Show Us Your Pass! (Happy Canada 150)

Canada just turned 150 this 2017! This year, the government issues free passes to visit Canada’s most amazing destinations. This is one big step for promoting Canada’s tourism.

Along with my blog under the category “travel” , i showcased some of the most jaw dropping destinations that I have gone through. It’s not only the beautiful scenery that I can take photos with but it’s the historical sites that tells untold stories. It’s the people with  different culture  who gather together as a group and contributes to Canada’s cultural diversity.  Continue reading “Show Us Your Pass! (Happy Canada 150)”

All Good Things Are Wild & Free

Our “mini” hike began with a scenic trail leading to Johnston Canyon and Creek. (hiking tips and review for Johnston Canyon hike click here 🙂 ) It will take you approximately 20 minute s to stroll the lower falls and 45 minute stroll to the upper falls. Tall trees will welcome you as you go deeper into the mountain. A steel catwalk is placed and serves as a viewing platform and good for photo ops. For my whole adventure, just watch the video below. If you liked my compilation, don’t forget to subscribe 🙂



Road to Beautiful Banff

Lake Louise is also known as Canada’s “Diamond in the Wilderness”.  It is a popular tourist town at the southern end of the Icefields Parkway. Located in Banff National Park close to the village of Lake Louise, Alberta, offers immense diversity of recreational and sightseeing opportunities. Aside from a jaw dropping view of the “emerald” lake, there is a hiking area and mellow atmosphere of the English Tea House in the mountain wilderness.


Johnston Canyon Hike

Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular day hikes in Banff National Park. It’s accessible and perfect among people of different ages and groups.

During our visit, there were scattered trees laid down in the heart of the forest. We don’t have any idea if it is for restoration or for keeping the hikers safe from weak trees that might collapse anytime.

You’ll start to notice scattered tiny waterfalls and river surrounded by the forest itself as you walk deeper through the upper part of Johnston Falls. Continue reading “Johnston Canyon Hike”

Fill Your Life With Experience


Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

We were ambivalent in pushing thru this hike because apparently, the weather was not going well. It is a 2-hour drive from the city. We surely packed everything that we needed such as cameras, food and drinks, and of course courage and determination to push thru despite of the bad weather.wp-image-75497160jpg.jpg

These were part of the trails we needed to climb. It is not that steep as it seems.  The Rockpile Trail along the actual lake is approximately 300 meters long. Continue reading “Fill Your Life With Experience”


 I am not a local here or a tourist either. The thing is I was confused about the right name of this place. I just keep hearing them calling it “Princess Island”. Some people say it should be “Prince’s Island”. For once i thought it was “Princess’ Island”. Finally I realized I may not be a local here or a tourist either and it may seem like plain ignorance but i betcha there is no greater feeling than a body that keeps on wandering to places it has never been before, to expose thy eyes to things that excites it and to experience unfamiliar things and events.  Suddenly, I was a child again.

Just an appreciation post for #CanadaDay2016 🙂

PS: I still don’t know what is the right name for this place and I intend not to search iton google just because.

Free Fallin’

                      CA Tower Experience

We went for a tour in a beautiful and emerging place of Calgary, AB. It was a sunny afternoon when me and my relatives went for the said tour. It was first time both for me and my sister but it’s the fourth time for my mom to go there. The tower is located at the heart of downtown so you’ll expect to see grand buildings around you. Upon entering the tower, you need to pay depending on what category of age you are included. Here is a guide of rates that they have dated at year 2015. Continue reading “Free Fallin’”

UTC -6:00 Central America

 I was an almost non existent individual living my peaceful life with my favourite routines like waking and stretching up into a sunny morning after the last nights beer pong, breathing in that pollution (I live in the city) a proof that hey I’m still alive because I can still see and feel the dirt of pollution all over my face. The time when I don’t have to eat three full meals a day because I live alone. BFFs are just one text away whenever I want to drink or party and that means 24-hour “sleep overs” with crazy girlfriends. Eating whenever I want, sleeping whenever I want. Unlimited cuddle time with my partner. No time restraints. All the “independency” were gone after I received the news that I am being petitioned by my mom overseas so I can migrate and live with our family. That news really devastated me. Yes of course I love my family but a sudden change of things around me, my environment, habits and routines that I REALLY loved are soon going to be altered. I knew I have to bid adieu. Continue reading “UTC -6:00 Central America”

My First Turkey Giving

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Since i moved in from an asian country, everything is all new to me. But from what i hear and see on social media, its all about family gathering together and having a thanksgiving dinner. And the star of the night ofcourse is the turkey! Continue reading “My First Turkey Giving”