Dark Colors are the Best!

I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.

– Wednesday Addams

I chose hiking for my summer ender hustle and bustle. Autumn is just around the corner so i dressed accordingly hehe. This black long sleeves from Hudson’s is very comfortable to wear in this occasion since its cotton fiber gives sufficient warmth on the body but it didn’t made me feel sweaty even though I tend to move a lot at that day. What I love about black color is that you can mix and match it with ANY color. Neutral colors are the best!

Since I am trying to release my inner Kylie Jenner look… (loljk) I wore  dark colored lippies by Mac. (Antique Velvet) It made my lips look much bigger and bolder. Just be mindful when you eat because unlike with the other lighter lip colors, if some part of your lips with this dark lippies will fade, it would be much noticeable.

I brought with me a gray sweatshirt from Aeropostale coz light rain was expected later on that day. Also, I used this sweater as an accessory to my outfit by tying it on my lower waist. Makes me feel comfy. (and it helps hiding my unwanted tummy!)

And of course, Yankees cap to protect thy face! I forgot where and how much O bought this item but believe me i will not buy this if it’s expensive since I am not really into wearing caps.

Summertime may be is the best time to show off the brights but if you are not really a color loving kind of girl like me (and most of the people,nowadays), you could always mix and match. 🙂

Follow The Sun

Let it come, Let it go, let it flow.

The warmth of the sun in our skin and the sound of the birds humming can make anyone feel great or well at least relaxed. Imagine this, a coral reef  that gives life  to the ocean… a busy bee buzzing over a flower… a green forest standing beside the royal blue river…. These are just some of the everyday sights that nature bring us. But nature is not just wilderness. It can also be found in communities’ parks and green spaces.


A perfect beauty of nature should also come with a perfect summer outfit. I enjoyed the scenery with these simple items:

denim jacket by H&M

off shoulder boho romper by Aeropostale

flipflops by Skechers

Any outdoor clothes is fine as long as you’re comfortable while appreciating the beauty that surrounds ya.


 We as humans are very lucky to have some of nature’s wonderful gift. Sometimes these gifts are taken for granted because of the new technology we have, or sometimes we are just being so insensitive of the things around us. It’s  a great time to unwind, stroll down the park, leave those problems behind and be stress free. Give yourself a breather. There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Take time to appreciate while it still lasts. Breathe deeper, think deeper.

Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people.

Spring Feels

Winter is almost over and so as wearing coats and sweater! While there are some things that are better to buy in-season, if you are planning to save money on things that are not time-related, end of season sales are a perfect way to do so. 

Spring is coming so expect the malls near you to have its end of winter season sale. Once the springtime hits, everything we use in the winter months – coats, sweaters, warmers, scarves, beanies, mittens and other winter garments will be available at discounted prices.  This is the best time to buy those unaffordable outfits. Expect them to be on-sale because department stores need to change their inventories for the upcoming spring. Continue reading “Spring Feels”

Low key backpacker vibe

Outfits while hanging out with friends should not be that grand for you not to be having fun nor too plain to mask yourself in the dark. I’m a huge fan of black coats and white tees so i tried looking low key matching it with my low toned make up. We still have a cold weather so don’t forget your boots and ear muffs. In my case, I used a huge knitted head band to protect my ears from the weather and also just to tidy up my hair! Continue reading “Low key backpacker vibe”

Grocery Run


Need to go shop but you’re too lazy to put much effort on your outfit? Just wear a cap! You can never go wrong with a basic, simple  black (or gray) outfit as long as you are confident and comfortable. You don’t know what’s gonna happen while you’re grocery shopping. You might spend more time looking for stuffs you need to buy, so being comfortable is the priority. Basic outfit does not catches the attention and cool to the eyes. The good thing is you can easily pair your outfit with just a pair of sandals or sneakers and you’re good to go.

 Always remember, being low key is the key! 

Cap: Fila

Top: H&M

Jeans: Winners

Lippie: Marcelle Untainted Spice

Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight, do my hair up real, real nice, and syncopate my skin to your heart beating. 

It’s hard to be a fashionista during brrr days. First thing that you have to think is your budget. Coats nowadays are extra expensive of you want a warmer Christmas. Continue reading “Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight, do my hair up real, real nice, and syncopate my skin to your heart beating. “

The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’

It’s that time of that year again when everyone’s excited about going to parties, kids are drooling for sweets and spooky of the spookiest stuffs at everybody’s neighborhood are being displayed! It’s Halloween!

It’s hallow’s eve and I just got home from trick or treating with some of my mama’s friends and their kids. Today was so crazy yet magical. Crazy because I did my last minute shopping for my costumes and stuffs for the night. The market was SO full. Everywhere we go, there are lots of people also doing their panic buying and take note the store gets even more crowded because some of the people buying are wearing their huge weird costumes that blocks people’s way. If you are willing to swim in the crowd just for an extra discount since as the halloween’s getting near, the proces will go low, you can buy your stuffs the day before halloween starts. But if you have money to pay extra then shop whenever you want.

Continue reading “The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’”

Season for Hoodies, Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice


Fall has officially started! expect to have warmer drinks, hoodies, and pretty colors around ya’ll. I took advantage of the season to flash my autumn look. For the first day of fall, my outfit consists of a black romper suite above the knee length from Old Navy, a grayish jacket jeans which i bought from H&M and white runners from sketchers. For my make up, i did not use any, just the Plum Please cream matte pencil and smudger from Maybelline. The vampy look is very popular this season so i used bold dark lip color, like i always do.

You don’t have to be fully dressed and everything walking around the city if you know what i mean. It’s all about simplicity and basicness this autumn. Continue reading “Season for Hoodies, Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice”

Let’s Dance in the Sun!

IMG_5415Pools and beaches are some of the attractive places you can go during summer. People expect you to wear bikinis and other revealing clothes. Some people are not used in doing so but they wanna fit in so they’ll do and they end up crouching and appearing shy. Some people do wear bikinis and just cover up but then, they still don’t feel comfortable. One key of having a stunning outfit is just not about the clothes. Confidence and comfort is really important.Just like some people, i am not used in wearing revealing clothes. I’d rather wear thin garments to beat the heat up. As you can see, a striped bikini top tube and a long black see-through flowing skirt both from UNIQLO is what i wore. It’s very light and compliments my long legs. 😉 Whenever i want to swim, i just take off my long skirt and im off to go! Continue reading “Let’s Dance in the Sun!”

Princess Leia’s Hair for a Day: Hair Phil Coop

IMG_3360-0Being involved in an on the spot modelling competition was hard for me not to mention i was a first timer. My mentor and make-up artist Ms. Malou did everything she could from the make-up to costume (which is the bridal category) and even in my mini workshops she put up with me. One thing i realized is that  it’s not all beauty and fancy when it comes to modelling. There goes all the struggles you have to put up with like a drastic diet i have to get through. I tried the 10 – day diet in which the only intake you must have was a lemon juice. It was crazy because i’ve been patiently on it for ten days. I was literally starving just to look more thinner. I won’t recommend this because after few weeks later i gained back my weight. Easy come easy go. I also have to attend my workshops which is exhausting because i’m still enrolled at school at that time. Continue reading “Princess Leia’s Hair for a Day: Hair Phil Coop”