DIY Lush Sugar Lip Scrub

Winter has been bad this year. It makes my lips chapped and dry. I have this mannerism of peeling off my dry lips using my teeth or fingers. I’m tired of doing this everyday so I decided to make this Lush Sugar Lip Scrub.

Things You’ll Need:


Olive Oil

Vanilla Extract

Food Coloring

Empty Container

The ratio for all the ingredients (except for the food coloring) is 1:1:1. This tutorial is for vanilla flavored lip scrub. You can also try this with different flavors. Just replace the vanilla extract with your desired flavor.  You can also have variety of colors. In this tutorial, I used pink. Continue reading “DIY Lush Sugar Lip Scrub”

Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Strips Shadow & Liner Review By Physician’s Formula

Hi everyone! First of all, this is my first make up review as far as i remember so please bear  with me 😀 I’ll be honest, I bought this product because of its packaging. It looks cute and feminine. Instead of the usual plastic packaging, they used black hard cardboard which is sturdy by the way.

I also love the color shade which is nude pink. Personally, I always prefer to wear browns and nude shades for my daily make up and this collection got all the colors I wanted. It easily caught my attention when I was browsing the make up section in the drugstore. I got this for about 15$. The palette is available in two versions, Nude or Smoky. I got the Nude version because I want to include this on my daily make up collection. Continue reading “Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Strips Shadow & Liner Review By Physician’s Formula”

Nip & Fab’s Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot Review

Dragons Blood is a sap found in the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon. It works to heal and protect skin from harsh toxins that we accumulate everyday. It also promotes skin healing, inhibiting inflammation, thus reducing skin’s redness and promotes skin cell regeneration. This serum is combined with 50% hyaluronic solution that gives a “plump” appearance to the skin. It claims to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin as well as giving your face a smooth, young looking appearance. Continue reading “Nip & Fab’s Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot Review”

3-Item THEFACESHOP Haul Review! (WHITE SEED Brightening Toner, RICE WATER BRIGHT Cleansing Foam & Magic Cover BB Cream)

People will stare, make it worth their while.

                                                                                                          – Harry Winston


As a typical Asian living overseas, I am still craving for something traditional for my skin regime that is why I often go to shops where I could find something that could satisfy these cravings. The FaceShop’s  WHITE SEED Brightening Toner, RICE WATER BRIGHT Cleansing Foam & Magic Cover BB Cream caught my attention when I was doing my spring shopping two months ago. They were all new promotions so I had to try them. It was hard for me to roam around and find brightening products for my skin (because tbh, north americans doesn’t need brightening stuff). They were only the ones who sell these kinds of products so I ought to try them. I have been regularly using them for months. Let me share to you my review about these items.

First one is the RICE WATER BRIGHT Cleansing Foam.

It is enriched with a natural rice water solution with brightening properties. It cleanses skin without irritation. Rice water cleanser is beneficial to your skin. According to studies, it can treat acne and eczema for prolong use. It can soothe sun burns and is suitable for sensitive skin. Continue reading “3-Item THEFACESHOP Haul Review! (WHITE SEED Brightening Toner, RICE WATER BRIGHT Cleansing Foam & Magic Cover BB Cream)”

Vitamin C Skin Care Body Shop Review

Vitamin C is known for having skin benefits like helping to create younger, firmer skin while fading signs of sun damage and post-acne marks. Vit. C is available in the market as a variety of creams, serum and transdermal patches. Of these, only the serum contains active Vit. C in an almost colorless form. One of them i came across with  is the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Care line. They have lots of choices to choose from like lotion, cream, serum, spritz etc. Continue reading “Vitamin C Skin Care Body Shop Review”

The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’

It’s that time of that year again when everyone’s excited about going to parties, kids are drooling for sweets and spooky of the spookiest stuffs at everybody’s neighborhood are being displayed! It’s Halloween!

It’s hallow’s eve and I just got home from trick or treating with some of my mama’s friends and their kids. Today was so crazy yet magical. Crazy because I did my last minute shopping for my costumes and stuffs for the night. The market was SO full. Everywhere we go, there are lots of people also doing their panic buying and take note the store gets even more crowded because some of the people buying are wearing their huge weird costumes that blocks people’s way. If you are willing to swim in the crowd just for an extra discount since as the halloween’s getting near, the proces will go low, you can buy your stuffs the day before halloween starts. But if you have money to pay extra then shop whenever you want.

Continue reading “The Unhealthy Nurse Goes Treat or Trickin’”

Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream Review

IMG_4975-0I am always fond of buying facial cream containing “lifting” effect. I usually use the L’oreal Revitalift . It took me a month to finish it then i have to buy a new one. Upon looking around the drugstore, there’s not much vairety i could choose from when it comes to lifting effect (and i don’t believe that it is that much effective unless you undergo a laser therapy for firming and lifting or something) but i always buy products hoping that one day my face would actually be firm as it says on the products that i’ve been using. So i came accross with this Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream. At first i thought it was loreal because they’re both on a small red glass container just like most of the firming products of L’oreal. The packaging looks nice. It does not look cheap to think it only costs 20-25 bucks.  Continue reading “Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream Review”

THEFACESHOP Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Toner Review

IMG_4946-0As i migrated to a colder country, i thought of having purchasing different new products for myself since the products i’ve used before from the country where i came from were different than those that they sell in here. My forst concern is the dryness that i experienced since i got here. Im originally from a tropical country so the cold weather is so new to me. The weather made my face a little bit dry and the stress of moving to another country made me loose a little bit of weight so my face looked tired and a little bit if saggy.! I tried to google some products that might work for me and i came across with THEFACESHOP Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Toner. Continue reading “THEFACESHOP Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Toner Review”

Dolce Far Niente to Galactic Eyes

IMG_3642Disclaimer: I did not made this eye make up (i wish i can!) All credits to my mua friend, Ms. Chylla.

As far as I can remember, it was a sunny afternoon filled with t.v., net surfing and binge eating for me (literally dolce far niente) when my mua friend Ms. Clarisse called me and asking for a favor to model in an eye make – up competition for her friend, Chylla. Since i’ve got nothing to do and i thought it’s gonna be a new experience for me, i agreed. We met up. We went to the competition. I remember it was Shu uemura who’s behind in that said competition. I was not informed it was that big and important! All i thought was it’s gonna be a simple modelling with the judges and all i have to do is just sit because it’s the make-up artists who’s really involved in the competition. But I was wrong. Continue reading “Dolce Far Niente to Galactic Eyes”

Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)

IMG_3597-0My natural haircolor was just black. When I was in college, i cannot color my hair because it was not allowed in our school. Now that i graduated, i’ve tried everything from bleaching to different colors like brown, auburn to orange blonde. I was really happy before then because it feels like atlast i am freee! i can do whatever i want with my hair. What i didnt realized was every treatment that i did to my hair gradually damaged it. So i decided to cut it to get rid off my damaged hair. It was very long like near in my waist. Continue reading “Back to Black (not really black. just a darker shade of my old haircolor)”

Princess Leia’s Hair for a Day: Hair Phil Coop

IMG_3360-0Being involved in an on the spot modelling competition was hard for me not to mention i was a first timer. My mentor and make-up artist Ms. Malou did everything she could from the make-up to costume (which is the bridal category) and even in my mini workshops she put up with me. One thing i realized is that  it’s not all beauty and fancy when it comes to modelling. There goes all the struggles you have to put up with like a drastic diet i have to get through. I tried the 10 – day diet in which the only intake you must have was a lemon juice. It was crazy because i’ve been patiently on it for ten days. I was literally starving just to look more thinner. I won’t recommend this because after few weeks later i gained back my weight. Easy come easy go. I also have to attend my workshops which is exhausting because i’m still enrolled at school at that time. Continue reading “Princess Leia’s Hair for a Day: Hair Phil Coop”