2017 Journal Set Up (Rose Gold) & Michaels Haul

Last year, I got a kikki.K planner slash journal for my birthday gift to myself. This year, I decided to buy a new planner and start from scratch. I was hesitant in jumping from one planner to another because I felt contented with my peach perforated kikki.K planner. I had tons of fun memories with it but I guess, once you started to explore stuff about doing journal, you can’t avoid buying new cool stuff.

Let me share to you my first ever trip to Michael’s. I was lucky because the year just started and they’ve had everything on sale. I swear, the moment I set my foot into this place, my eyes feast with different art and craft supplies. It felt like heaven for a moment! I was glad, excited and ecstatic into idea of diving and hoarding unto these different craft supplies. Continue reading “2017 Journal Set Up (Rose Gold) & Michaels Haul”


I am really fond of reading quotes, short messages and phrases. I believe that the length of a message does not justify its depth of meaning. I started practicing calligraphy last February 2,2017. It makes me feel relaxed and calm. It lets me express my thoughts thru writing. I’ll update this entry from here and then for my new scribbles in the future. Here are some of my collections of scribbles. Pardon my writing i’m still learning 🙂wp-1486425743147.jpg

02/06/17 (3am) – I cannot sleep so i decided to learn modern calligraphy via youtube. It’s so much fun (& inexpensive). I recommend for you to watch youtube for beginners like me.wp-1486425864683.jpg

02/06/17 (7am) – After 4 hours of practicing, i amped up my writing game with applying water color. I used shades of pink, lavender and white. The rose gold journal in the background is my advance birthday present to myself (hehe).  I am doing a separate blog for planner / journal essentials and my journal lay out so watch for it. 😉


02/08/17 (10:11PM) – I’ve been listening nonstop to radio while decorating my workstation. Found some inspiration. PS

much love, J.


Trip to Ikea, Some Life Lessons & Current Room Set up

The Story:

I was a young student way back when my sister and I had to live alone in a condo. There was no one except us. I have to do the cleaning, maintaining the house, taking care of the bills, cooking and so much more. I did not find it hard for me because I am enjoying myself doing things on my own. (not to mention about having no curfews). One thing that I enjoyed the most is doing decoration in our own space. I get to decide which will go on this place and which will not. Although sometimes my sister nags me about this unusual addiction of hoarding stuff to design our space, it really made me feel contented and fulfilled. I’d rather buy furnitures than make up. I remember those times when I’m done at school, I always go to shops that sells affordable furnitures. Way back in my homeland, we have this huge market called Continue reading “Trip to Ikea, Some Life Lessons & Current Room Set up”

Hide And Seek

We’re standing across the room, but it feels like we’re the only two people in that room. We’re both in conversation with other people, but it doesn’t matter, because I am not listening. Not really. I just steal one quick glance and feel the moment. For only God knows when will I be able to feel the warmth of your smile again.


Unspoken Words

Nobody needed an explanation why

the ocean is blue and so is the sky.

I don’t need a million reasons why,

you make my heart skip a beat even if you didn’t have to try.

I may be cold as ice but you are hot as fire.

Just like a kid, you’re clueless about how much I admire.

Nobody warned me about this mess,

should I just forego and pursue to digress?

I cannot fathom the thought of you gone,

but i know someday all of these will be bygone.

I was always strong and ready for whatever,

I can  mask the worse seem better.

I may have lots of things to say,

maybe I’ll let you know someday,

when I am ready to see you run away

but the abyss in my mind, you’ll hear it screaming “stay”. Continue reading “Unspoken Words”

The Power of Music

Music heals our soul and our body. It is a form of art in which we can express our emotions. Music also serves as universal language. Not only that, but it also affects our brain in many ways. According to studies, listening to music can reduce anxiety, depression and pain. It also improves cognitive functions thus enhance learning and concentration, and keep off the effects of brain aging.

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart.

Ever wondered why listening to music gives us goosebumps and chills? Listening to powerful music is only one of many ways in releasing “happy hormones” or endorphins . This hormone gives you a “joyride” and feeling of being high. Its effect on our body is similar to the effects of morphine, thus reducing pain. Music therapy is widely used in hospitals and medical facilities to reduce  pain. Studies shown that listening to music helps in reducing both chronic and post operative pain. It is also used to reduce the need for medication during childbirth.It gives the patient a sense of control thus, reducing the level of pain. Continue reading “The Power of Music”

The Wolf and The Moon

Those eyes with glowing fire,
It’s beauty as much as I try to deny.
Stolen glances, dismissive smile,
grasping for my breath  just for a little while.
Just like the moon, like a star,
I can only see him from afar.
And I am nothing but a wolf,
who’s secretly fond of the moon.


Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing

Hi! welcome to the unboxing of kikki-k’s medium peach perforated planner! Kikki-k is an Australian/Swedish brand and community that sells stationary supplies, generates craft ideas all about art and paper love! This last February, I got a gorgeous package from kikki-k and it’s absolutely stunning! Continue reading “Kikki-K Medium Sized Peach Perforated Planner Unboxing”

A Wet-on-Wet Watercolor painting and illustration

Find color in the darkest place, find beauty in the saddest face.

Continue reading “A Wet-on-Wet Watercolor painting and illustration”

Fiori di Como: Man Made Glass Artwork

Taken at The Bellagio, Las Vegas casino ceiling lighting made of beautiful glass art work. Such an awesome masterpiece made by a human hand.

This art piece is about 2,000 pieces of hand-blown glass, covers approximately 2,000 square feet of ceiling made none other than by the famous american glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. Continue reading “Fiori di Como: Man Made Glass Artwork”

Make a Wish

Some might see it as a weed,

some might see it as a wish.

Whatever it maybe,

it’s up to the person who sees.

Yellow flower resembles the sun,

Blowing it to the wind gives you”fun”!

Puffball resembles the moon, Continue reading “Make a Wish”

The Psychology of Curve Architecture

People’s brain are wired to be attracted more on curves than straight lines.

When people are asked to choose between an object that’s linear and one that’s curved, they prefer the latter.

Curves generally felt beautiful over the linear lines.

Round and curved structure seemed more familiar that they appeared more natural and light.

Just like human’s faces to babies’ rounded eyes that gives warmth and sense of joy.

Curves suggests harmony and peace.

It also suggests flow and continuity.

It makes your eyes glance, it makes your mind dance.